This turn-key project consisted of replacing existing outdated top loading arms with new SILEA Series 1101, meeting the requirements (JP8 and AVGAS) of the airport base to load aviation fuels to refuellers (Bausers).

CROSS has designed all the necessary modifications, supplied the equipment in full and undertook the task of installation, in order to deliver the loading arms fully operational to the airbase authority.

The TLA Series 1101 are built according to 97/23/CE Directive (PED) and 94/9/CE Directive (ATEX) and comply to API/ASTM/ANSI/TTMA standardization norms.

They are used in installations that need variable reach to fill road tankers from the top. Balancing allows an arm inclination with the horizontal axis of 55o – 60o upwards and 20o – 30o downwards.