In this category a wide range of skid mounted fire protection customized solutions are being presented. In all cases, these applications consist of top quality UL listed FM approved automatic BERMAD deluge valves for various onshore and offshore applications.

The heart of these systems is the 400E Deluge Valve, an elastomeric type globe valve that is rolling diaphragm actuated, with an integral, solid, resilient seal. This automatic water control valve is designed for vertical or horizontal installation and is available in diameter sizes from 2’’ to 12’’; DN50 to DN300. Larger diameters are also available upon request.

The unique hydrodynamic globe design provides high flow capabilities with minimum headloss. The cover is removable via four (4) fastening bolts for quick in-line inspection and servicing. The elastomeric assembly can be easily removed from the valve body with no need for disassembling the valve from the line.

The 400E Valves are suitable for seawater, freshwater & foam concentrate applications.

Automatic control valves with a range of operation modes are the vital components in fire protection systems for oil refineries, tank farms, petrochemical plants, offshore platforms, FPSO vessels, drill ships, public buildings.

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