Dual Tool: Two for the Price of One!

The Dual Tool can be used to create a hydrocarbon free environment when welding is being carried out to attach a new flange.

Having created the safe environment to preform the welding, it can then be used to carry out a hydrostatic test in the same weld, once welding is completed.


Innovation is inherent in the culture at iNPIPE PRODUCTS™; the Dual Tool was created as a result of requests from major oil refineries after numerous accidents.

Consequently the Dual Tool is specified by most major oil refineries.

Dual Tool Benefits

Benefits of the Dual Tool include the ability to hydrotest and isolate with one tool; provision of a safe working environment; works with pipe ovailty and excessive weld penetration; easy to use and install and overall, reduces the resources required, making the job more cost effective.

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