FAFNIR have a level measurement solution for all tanks, underground and aboveground

The TORRIX is the most versatile level sensor in Fafnir range.

Used in conjunction with the UM-X convenient stand-alone level display, you are aware of your tank levels, eliminating run-low situations and timely manual dipping.

You can always be one step ahead…

Product Highlights


  • The TORRIX with the UM-X is the ideal solution for one tank, where a complete VISY-System is too advance
  • Technology known form the VISY-stick: The TORRIX provides the same quality, the same measurement principle and the same features and benefits as VISY-Stick.
  • Easy to install; easy to use.
  • TORRIX will provides accurate level measurement across all stored liquids, saving you time and enabling you to plan ahead for even the most challenging application.


  • Simple to field-calibrate and field-test; no additional calibration equipment required.
  • The UM-X in field housing with IP64 protections offers a convenient, standalone display for your level measurement

Here you can find some application examples: http://www.fafnir.com/Petrol-Station-Sensors/Level-Measurment/Application-Examples.php