BiofuelAs you may know, until 1 January 2016 bio-fuel blends may be carried when the ship’s ODME is not in compliance with paragraph 4.1.2 (see bellow), provided that tank residues and all tank washings are pumped ashore.

Having discussed the subject issue further with parties’ concerned (Class societies, ODME makers, Tanker Shipowners), VAF came to the conclusion that IMO regulations (MEPC 1 circ 761 attached) must be followed.

Annex 1.1: These guidelines apply to ships when carrying in bulk blends of petroleum oil and bio-fuels subject to Annex I and Annex II of MARPOL, respectively.

Annex 4.1: Applies from 1% to 25% of bio-fuel in the blend.

We would like to inform you thatVAF Instruments Oilcon® ODME systems will from now on meet the bio-fuel blend requirement MEPC 108(49) and 240(65). For more details please see at the bottom of this post, or our site:

All Oilcon® ODME deliveries will automatically be executed including the latest software.

Meanwhile VAF have received the certificates of DNV-GL (MED) and ABS, while are waiting for the completion of RMRS, NKK, CCS and US Coast Guard certificates.

Customers who have been supplied with Oilcon® ODME systems in 2015 will be contacted by VAF Service department to be supplied with software update (with service instruction guide).

This do-it-yourself software update can be downloaded and distributed free of charge.

The new software version checks the EPU (Electro Pneumatic Unit) if the bio-fuel blends’ constants are valid.

It will automatically cancel the old Annex II substances, as these have been removed from the IMO ODME regulations.


Should you have a VAF Oilcon® ODME system onboard, please let us have your RFQ for  bio-fuel upgrade advising which of the following Oilcon® model is installed onboard and its serial Nr.

(a)   Mark 6M with touch screen MCU

(b)   Mark 6M with old MCU (printer)

(c)   Mark 6

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