Weld Testers are used for non-destructive pipeline testing.

Because this occurs on a localized basis, this method of hydro testing becomes extremely cost effective, whilst saving time and resources.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ design, manufacture and hire Flang Weld Testers and Internal Weld Testers. Both of which have been designed to be easy to install, simple to use, self-locating and with no requirement for specific tools.


• Easy to install & simple to use

• Self-locating

• Requires no specific tools

• Reduces operational cost as minimum test medium is required

• Reduces downtime & labour costs

• Can be used in most standard pipelines

• Instructions & hydrostatic test certificates supplied

The Best Test Solution

Overall, iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ provide weld testers which are the ideal testing solution to reduce downtime, labour costs and to allow pipelines to operate at optimum flow despite any maintenance required.

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