Since its foundation, CROSS has set as one of its primary goals to provide complete technical support for its products and reliable technical solutions to meet customers’ needs.

What we offer

The services we can provide can be divided in five main categories:

Technical Study and Design

Based on our specialized know-how or in cooperation with our subcontractors (depending on the project nature), we can undertake study and design services, either for simple applications or for more complex and specialized projects.

System Integration

Based on our long experience in the fields we are activated in, we can combine our products to reliable integrated systems (skid-mounted or containerized systems), providing solutions to specialized requests, meeting customers’ requirements.

Engineering Services

Our team can provide a complete package of services, including Engineering, Procurement, Installation and Commissioning, as well as after sales technical support and maintenance.

Training Services

Upon request, we provide training services to the users of our equipment and systems at sight or in our premises. This leads to avoidance of malfunctions caused by inappropriate operation and therefore reduction of operational costs.

After Sales Service & Support 

We provide full technical support of our products, in terms of periodic or upon-request maintenance. In emergency cases and when possible, our technical team can provide remote technical support by telephone or e-mail, guiding customers/end users through difficulties may confronted.

Why use CROSS ?

CROSS has been providing reliable services to its clients for many years and has the know-how, experience and expertise needed to undertake all kinds of tasks, from simple repair and regular maintenance, up to complex automation systems’ troubleshooting or project design and management.

Key Benefits