MMC International Corporation manufactures vapor control valves, quick connect coupling flanges, product sampling equipment, and its various product measurement instruments, which meet or exceed the standards for «intrinsically safe» equipment set by national governments and certifying agencies around the world.

MMC’s primary products include Cam-Lock flanges, tank gauging station valves, deck covers, oil-water separators, cargo UTI measurement devices for closed and restricted application, high level alarm systems, gas samplers, product samplers and related items for the maritime petroleum and chemical transport industry as well as land-based petro-chemical facilities.

MMC is widely acknowledged for its long history of technological innovation, dependability, and quality of its products.


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Facet International is the world leader in the design, manufacture and distribution of advanced filtration and separation products and systems. Facet’s products are employed in diverse markets including general industry, aviation, petrochemical, power generation, marine, military, oil & gas. They are also used to prevent environmental contamination in a range of applications.

For 60+ years, Facet has been an innovator in the development of liquid/liquid coalescence and separation. The company specializes in the manufacture of two-stage coalescer separators, fuel monitors, portable fueling systems, oil/water separators, bilge water separators and other systems designed to separate and treat fluids containing a mixture of water, hydrocarbons and solids. These systems rely on physics and gravity to separate immiscible fluids. They may also utilize replacement pre-filter, coalescer, separator or monitor cartridges for further purification.

Facet aviation fuel handling products are qualified to the latest API standards for jet fuel quality and clarity.

Products by PECO-FACET

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Fuelsampler is the leading producer of fuel sampler, bunker sampler and drip sampler.All Fuelsampler products are  MARPOL ANNEX VI samplers.

The company, under its current form, was established in 2006, and has since then attempted to create and develop the best fuelsamplers on the market.

The company is located in Espergaerde in Denmark, 35km north of Copenhagen.

All of their products are produced and assembled at our facilities in Denmark. Alsotheir development and test is carried out in their factory in Denmark.



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For 45 years, Bermad has been the recognized pioneer and world leading provider of high quality Hydraulic Control Valves. Incorporating advanced flow control technologies, Bermad’s best of breed solutions have proven themselves in every level of the irrigation, water works and fire protection industries.

Today, Bermad’s tailor-made solutions help global customers meet the challenges of the 21st century, delivering superior performance over a long service life at the most competitive price.

Bermad’s products benefit from decades of expertise and experience in the development, design and manufacture of Hydraulic Control Valves. The wide range of state-of-the-art solutions provides highest operational efficiency and utmost reliability, offering unequalled operational quality.

Powered by decades of intensive interaction with world’s major end users, Bermad’s proven products have been carefully customized to meet the requirements of Onshore & Offshore Power, Petrochemical, Oil & Gas Environments

Bermad’s global presence provides customers with real peace of mind. With a worldwide network of subsidiaries and international distributors, the company’s reputation has been established through a commitment to top quality sales & after sales service supported by teams of highly trained & dedicated professionals.

Today the facts of Bermad’s success speak for themselves:

  • Subsidiaries in Australia, Brazil, China, Italy, Mexico, UK & USA
  • Distributors or direct presence in over 85 countries
  • Market leaders in more than 20 countries

From the Channel Tunnel to the 3 Gorges Dam in China, from the irrigation fields of Asia and South America to the oil fields of the North Sea and the Persian Gulf, governments and private sector partners around the world rely on Bermad for all their flow control management needs.

Products by BERMAD

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Founded in 1962, Amiad Filtration Systems has long been a leader in filtration technology. From massive industrial and municipal installations to sturdy home landscaping filters, Amiad has created solutions that water users in 70 countries rely upon for clean water.

Amiad’s 10-acre headquarters complex in Israel includes research and development, manufacturing, warehousing and training facilities.

Amiad North American headquarters, celebrating 20 years in the U.S., is located in Oxnard, California. There, the technical, sales, marketing and customer service team supports the field sales staff, manufacturers representatives, and supply chain. Amiad is proud of its North American team and  commitment to personal customer service –  just a phone call away from any customer.

With a full line of filtration solutions – plastic, steel, disk or thread; manual to fully automatic; filtration levels from 3500 microns to 2 microns – Amiad offers filtration systems to meet nearly any need.

Amiad filters are in use in 70 countries around the world, in applications that include:

Agricultural and landscape irrigation

  • Aquaculture
  • Industrial water processing
  • Industrial wastewater treatment
  • Municipal water treatment (drinking and waste treatment)
  • Prefiltration to protect costly media and reverse-osmosis systems

Every Amiad filtration system is built for efficiency, effectiveness and reliability. And every Amiad filtration system is backed by commitment to customer service.


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Camuna Cavi


The Company is an Italian Industrial Cable manufacturer, ISO 9001:2008 certified.

Its product range includes: Instrumentation, Control, Data cables, Exstension/compensating Thermocouple cables and low voltage control cables.

Flexibility, «seizing the right time» and knowledge, grants the company’s success with its customers.

The factory is located in Edolo and the sales office in Desio, both in Northern Italy.

Camuna Cavi has been developing its business since decades in the international Oil, Gas and Petrochemical Project sectors for several years and is an established supplier/registered vendor to the major EPC and users/operators worldwide.

The Company supplies cables to major international standards including IEC, EN, BS, CEI, VDE, NF, UTE and NEC, and can also provide Medium Voltage Cables and Terminations, Optical Fibre Cables, and cables with lead jackets as part of a consolidated cable package.



Products by Camuna Cavi

  • Instrument, Power & Control Cables
    In: Cables
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Since its founding some 90 years ago, ARCA Regler has earned global recognition with its innovative technology and proven quality.

The pneumatically and electrically-activated control valves they manufacture are sought-after products for use in industry. They have many applications – from power station construction to chemical plants, from pharmaceutical and foodstuff production to steelworks.

Over the years grown to a company group, that besides valves also manufactures pumps, cryogenic components and visual level indicators, ARCA offers solutions for your specific needs. As a second-generation family-owned company, they’ve won the trust of our customers and proven their worth time and again. Round about 500 employees help them doing so with their full commitment.

Thanks to a global network of representatives and joint venture partners, and local offices in India, China, Korea, and Mexico, ARCA is able to provide its customers around the world with reliable and innovative technology tailored to their personal needs.

ARCA’s success is also evident from the awards they have received to date, including placement in the TOP 100 and TOP JOB lists. They have also been a finalist in the Award for Midsized Enterprises, and various design prizes have been awarded for ARCA products.

Products by ARCA VALVES

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KANON Loading Equipment BV is a Netherlands-based first-class supplier on the international market for Marine, Rail and Road liquid transfer systems. KANON distinguishes itself by designing according to the latest development with regard to efficient design, safety, ultra-low maintenance and operator convenience.

KANON operates on a worldwide basis via a well-trained network of carefully selected agents and associate companies, fully able to promote all aspects of the KANON product range.

KANON has supplied equipment  to customers in all areas of the processing industry including chemical, petrochemical, storage terminals, pharmaceutical, healthcare, food and beverage as well as providing systems via many of the leading international engineering houses.

In addition to having a comprehensive standard product range, KANON has built an excellent reputation for developing custom made loading systems.

Through years of experience and know how KANON is well placed to give you the very best advice in liquid transfer systems.

Ease of handling and safety for the operator and environment, as well as a reliable performance for many years, are the basics for the design of KANON equipment.

KANON has built up a team of qualified engineers, who develop new loading systems incorporating the latest technology including 3-D CAD systems. All equipment is manufactured in accordance with ISO 9001 Quality Assurance System.


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Established in 1976, ITAS is an engineering company that designs and supplies turnkey plants and high technology components for various industrial sectors.

For the Refinery, Chemical, Petrochemical, Combustion and Environmental Protection sectors, ITAS commands a leading position because of its many references and extensive experience.

Continuing enthusiasm and commitment to meet future challenges drives ITAS to maintain high levels of investment in Research and Development.Why choose Itas?


  • Flexible design with state of the art computer technology
  • Problem solving approach
  • Turnkey execution with tailor made features for customers’ specific requirements
  • Engagement in sustainable development with research dedicated to energy recovery and minimising environmental impact


  • Expert Personnel
  • Operational flexibility
  • 24h/7d call service
  • Spares in stock for emergency support
  • «Tailor-made» philosophy
  • Turnkey plants
  • In house components testing
  • Fast delivery guaranteed
  • Equipment supplied within legal requirements
  • High quality/low costs commercial strategy
  • High profile engineering
  • ISO 9001/2000 Quality Certification


Products by ITAS

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SOR® is a manufacturer of high-quality pressure and level-measuring instruments for industrial service. It serves a global market of oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power industries through a network of independent sales representatives. SOR products are suitable for a broad range of safety systems, control processes, and related applications.

SOR enjoys the qualities of a small business environment. In addition to reputable products, business is built on the relationships between employees, representatives, and customers. This company promotes the values of teamwork and collaboration, a customer-focused mindset throughout the organization, and a general dedication to business excellence.

SOR takes pride in providing the best customer service in support of world-class quality products that work reliably in tough applications. They make it their business to continuously improve service and product strategies to be responsive to customer requirements. Their Quality Policy is «We Deliver Quality on Time.» They measure and challenge their business performance by these words.

Quality, service and delivery have formed the foundation of SOR service to the process industry since 1956. To SOR, quality means reliability. It means designing, developing and manufacturing the safest, most robust industrial instruments available. Instruments that precisely fulfill your specifications. Instruments that meet or exceed the highest standards of certification worldwide.

Quality is a commitment to maintaining state-of-the-art facilities and processes. Product integrity is the first priority. Continuous improvement is an integral part of the plan. Quality is uncompromising.

Service is also a commitment. It’s a three-way partnership between SOR,  Representatives, and  customers. Service is consistency, adaptability, and a manufacturing operation that puts you first. It’s knowing the requirements of the process industry and thoroughly understanding your needs. It’s helping you select the correct instruments for any application from our complete product line. Service means earning your trust.

Delivery means producing your instrument when you need it. It’s a commitment to maintaining flexible, cross-trained work teams with reserve capacity for quick response. Delivery means the ability to turn on a dime. Strategic alliances with vendors who have earned the trust of SOR are key to delivery. Delivery means shipping a quality product on time, and doing it faster than anyone else in the industry.

Products by SOR INC.

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DELLA FOGLIA company was founded in 1962 by Mr. Guido Della Foglia as a small artisan company producing ball and needle valves for the domestic market only.

During the last 45 years the company has acquired considerable experience, product knowledge and a high degree of specializations, which have enabled us to be considered in the international market, sup-plying our products to oil and gas petrochemical power generation and water industries.

Products by DELLA FOGLIA S.R.L.

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Taking care of our water and providing solutions in filtration and treatment is the principal challenge facing Filtersafe®, one of the world’s leading filtration specialists. Whether across industrial, marine or resource drilling applications, their aim is to ensure the world’s industries have ready access to the most advanced filtration equipment available.

At the onset of each design application, Filtersafe’s primary objective is to engineer and fabricate tailored and standard filter systems from a range of highly sophisticated and proven materials, utilizing major R&D initiatives to establish the most appropriate specification of materials to ensure each finished product exceeds all mandated requirements.

At the very core of Filtersafe’s development philosophy, is a consistent and dedicated focus on mechanical reliability and efficiency, too, all combined with robust construction technologies. Simultaneously, our emphasis commercially remains on the careful balancing of environmental issues, alongside achieving consistent operational economies for our customers.

Filtersafe® uses expertise developed over three decades in the design, manufacture and application of high quality filtration solutions. It is their often unique innovation that has helped the company contribute enormously to the efficiency of world water management.

The company is uniquely positioned in the marketplace, and currently services all major international markets from its Head Office and manufacturing facility located in northern Israel.



Products by FILTERSAFE

  • Automatic Screen Filters for Ballast Water Treatment Applications
    In: Filters
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Dafo Fomtec A.B. is a privately owned company with head office in Tyresö, Sweden.

Their commitment to provide high quality and innovative products to the professional fire protection market is demonstrated by constant focus on product development and quality assurance.

Customers around the world enjoy Fomtech’s strong customer focus and they set our pride in being both price competitive and sharp on delivery times.

Regardless of your application, Dafo Fomtec A.B. has the right products when it comes to fire fighting foam, foam equipment or systems. They also have a selected range of high quality gas fire suppression systems and other related products.

They offer a full range of high quality fire fighting foams of both synthetic and protein base.


Products by DAFO FOMTEC A.B.

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Silea Liquid Transfer S.r.l. (former S.p.A.) , founded in 1968, after over 40 years of gradual and continuous development, and since mid-June 2012 as a new company have one plant manufacturing facility, located in Ozzano dell’Emilia (Bologna – ITALY).

Silea is recognized as a primary European manufacturer of equipment for handling, measurement, transfer and storage of petroleum products, hot and cold liquids, compressed gases (LPG), chemicals and industrial liquids.

Their manufacturing process is focused in the following product line:

  • Loading Arms for hydrocarbons, LPG, Vapour recovery, Chemical and Food industry, for both Bottom and TOP loading.
  • API 1004 couplers (for products and vapour recovery) and all related accessories
  • Volumetric pumps, pumping units, and marine delivery groups.
  • Folding Stairs
  • Floating suctions
  • Positive Displacement pumps

The whole value-chain of Silea (from design to after-sales) is ISO 9001 certified.

The production process is controlled by regulations and work instructions that define quality standards, which are monitored and certificated through periodic audits.

The production staff is equipped with state of art machinery with high automation, capable of maintaining an outstanding level of quality, while cutting costs of production.

The monitoring of the production starts from the Acceptance Test of all the sub components purchased by suppliers (West Europe) and continues with the internal examination process, ending with tests performed on 100% of the components on dedicated test-benches.

Having its own workshop, Silea can better and more closely monitor the quality of products; after the assembly of the components, functional tests and pressure tests are performed using compressed air which can also verify against micro-leakages. The results of tests are run by ad-hoc software.

Great attention is paid by Silea to special procedures such as welding and painting.

Particularly, the company is provided with welding robots to maintain a high quality of products over the time. Dedicated software verifies the maintenance of welding parameters within the limits set by requirements and the process is certified by third parties.

Both welders and welding procedures are certified (according to ASME or EN) by a registered certification authority.

Silea physically separates the welding departments of aluminium, carbon steel, and stainless steel, in order to eliminate the pollution caused by iron dust.

Along with specialists in the field, Silea established a unique cycle of painting suitable for marine and industrial environment, which is capable to guarantee a long duration of the protective treatment.

Specific equipments are used to prepare the material to be painted and provide a final SA 2,5 ISO 8504/8501 grade.

Silea provides its customers with high qualified technicians, in order to solve the customization needs and assist customers during the design, the carrying out, and the start-up phases of new projects.

Depending on the type of project, budget expenditure, and operational equipment Silea is able to provide insights and suggestion regarding the choice of materials to be used, sealing and balancing system. Silea technician staff can also provide detailed documentation regarding calculation, X RAY, and specific certification of materials (3.1B or 2.2 EN 10204).

A large inventory stock of standard products is available within 10 working days and spare parts for standard components are available in 24 hours

Silea is able to keep quick deliveries depending on the product, ranging from four to 6-7 working weeks in case of special equipments.

Furthermore, Silea Packaging Department can provide ISPM FAO packaging.

Silea products are CE marked and comply with all applicable European rules, including the Directive 97/23/EC (PED), 94/9/EC (ATEX) and 06/42/CE (MACHINES).

All Silea products are GOST-R and GazpromCert certified.


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Honeywell Process Solutions approaches business problems more intelligently. With better technology, better delivery, and better lifecycle support, Honeywell’s top priority is developing solutions that help customers make better decisions, improve business performance, and improve peace of mind.

Better technology turns resources into results. And quite simply, nobody can match the best-in-class technology Honeywell has introduced for nearly 35 years. We have always been an automation technology pioneer, and we continue to innovate. Honeywell patented 4-20 mA signal transmission, created the first Distributed Control System (TDC2000®), built the first smart transmitter (Smartline®), deployed the first hybrid control system (PlantScape®), and rolled out the world’s first Process Knowledge System (Experion® PKS). Everything we invent across the entire spectrum of Process Solutions lifecycle is geared towards creating real customer results.

Their corporate-wide commitment to Six Sigma-driven development and execution ensures customers receive continuously improved and consistent quality results. Their global development and test teams are driven to the highest standards to meet customer product requirements for design, use, and delivery. Customers and suppliers are intentionally integrated into our research and development definition process, resulting in an innovative and relevant product technology roadmap.

With Honeywell’s pledge to total excellence throughout the entire design and installed lifecycle, Honeywell’s technology is comprehensive, secure, scalable, and integrated. This commitment to technology leadership is clearly evident through their latest breakthrough release—the Experion PKS. Experion makes sense of everything—unifying assets, process, and people to improve business agility. This proven, open, yet completely secure technology is built to scale, and helps manage everything from optimized yield to reduced maintenance costs by up to 30%. It’s built upon a standard, distributed control architecture utilizing technology from the Abnormal Situation Management (ASM®) Consortium and integrates enterprise-wide physical plant and computer systems security features. A Process Knowledge System extends further than a traditional Distributed Control System—turning knowledge into intelligence. After all, having the right knowledge at the right time is the key to making the right decisions.

The Experion solution combines the strengths of the Experion platform, Honeywell’s advanced applications, and our expert services to help customers make better decisions, improve business performance, and improve peace of mind.

  •  Asset Applications — Proactively manage assets in real-time to minimize downtime and improve asset performance.
  • Control Applications — Optimize control performance across the entire manufacturing process and increase profitability.
  • Operations Applications — Improve plant uptime and safety by capturing and translating data into consistent and actionable knowledge.
  • Business Applications — Improve profitability with an integrated business solution that delivers comprehensive data in real-time across the entire supply chain.
  • Systems – Integrate the field with the boardroom with robust, scalable, and secure control and safety platforms.
  • Instrumentation – Efficiently measure and control the process at the source.


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For 5o years, Fairchild Industrial Products Company has maintained an excellent reputatiom as a manufacturer of precision, high quality, pneumatic and electro-pneumatic controls. The line of industrial control products offers one of the largest varietes of precision pneumatic and electro-pneumatic control devices available for process, machine tool, robotic and OEM applications.

As of November 2011. Rotork acquired Fairchild because it is in line with their strategy of strengthening their presence in the global flow control market whilst remaining close to their core business.

Rotork is the market leading actuator manufacturer and flow control company, serving the oil and gas, power, water, process industries, marine and mining markets. They are a very innovative company with reliable solutions to manage the flow of liquids, gases and powders in their applications.

Fairchild’s developing technology in 4 main product groups has been the basis of their growth and leadership:

  • Pneumatic pressure regulators
  • Volume boosters
  • Relays and
  • Electro-pneumatic transducers

Fairchild Industrial Products Company is ISO 9001 approved.

They are authorized to display the CE mark on their electro-pneumatic products. Many of their electro-pneumatic products are also approved for intrinsically safe, explosion proof and NEMA 4X (IP65) ratings by FM, CSA, ATEX and SAA.

Fairchild has built its reputation on providing quality products, excellent customer service, quick delivery and immediate response to customer emergencies.

Products by ROTORK-Fairchild

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Manuli Hydraulics Group is active in the design, manufacture and sale of a wide range of hoses, connectors and machines for conveying power in high/very high pressure hydraulic circuits and fluids in refrigeration units.

  •  Hose assemblies for high and very high pressure hydraulics systems
  • Hose assemblies and hose kits for mobile refrigeration systems
  • Wire spiral reinforced rubber hoses
  • Wire braid reinforced rubber hoses
  • Textile braid reinforced rubber hoses
  • Reinforced thermoplastic hoses
  • Metal fittings
  • Quick couplings
  • Staple-lock adaptors and fittings for underground mining applications
  • Assembling machines
  • Other fluid connectors

Manuli Rubber Industries Hydraulics Business Group keeps expanding its operations throughout the world with the aim of strengthening its position as leading manufacturer of steel reinforced hoses and metal fittings.

The standard of products and services is world wide recognised as the best available one in various market segments and represents the base on which the Group will build its future growth. MRI products are employed in hydraulic circuits for industrial applications in various fields such as construction, earthmoving, agriculture, transport, mining and shipping.

MRI is also able to offer an assembly service and operates as European System Integrator as well MRI extensive know how, specialised competence and in-house synergy ensures ideal solutions to all problems through specific planning and problem solving.


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MATEC® GROUP has been present on the National and International territory for over 40 years, with its divisions COMPOTEC®, ENCO®, FARIVO®, TOFLEX® and INDUSTRIALE.

With an ISO 9001:2000 accreditation MATEC® GROUP focus on the design, development and manufacture of Flexible hoses and fittings.

The product range includes:

  • Flexible Composite hoses
  • Flexible Metallic hoses (for special also applications like asphalt)
  • Flexible Rubber hoses (for all types of medium, including utilities like steam and air)
  • Metallic Expansion joints and
  • An extensive range of couplings and fittings for low and medium pressure, associated components together with the distribution of engineered products for industrial maintenance.

MATEC® GROUP operates directly in Italy, through a network of technical engineers, salesmen and Depots, and outside Italy through a net of specialized Distributors, all over the world.

A specialist after sales support team provides experienced and knowledgeable advice and support for all servicing and maintenance needs backed up by a significant stock holding of spares parts and components.

A comprehensive overhaul and refurbishment facility staffed by qualified technicians undertakes tasks from simple modifications to complete re-chassising and updating of existing equipment, bringing it up to the latest industry standards and thereby providing cost effective extended operational life.

Products by GRUPPO MATEC

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RMG has an enviable reputation as a ‘world leader’ in the design and manufacture of Gas Control, Measurement and Analysing Equipment. This has been achieved by combining over 200 years experience and expertise leading to an unmatched knowledge in the Gas Industry.

It is because of these reasons that a large majority of Gas Utilities and Customers have quickly identified the advantages of specifying RMG Group product as their standard for domestic, industrial and commercial markets – guaranteeing long lasting reliability, quality and service.


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BESA Ing. Santangelo S.p.A. designs and produces safety valves to discharge gasesand liquids. Main activity fields are heaters and boilers manufacturing, shipyards, power generation plants as well as pharmaceutical, chemical and petrolchemical industry.

BESA safety valves are designed, manufactured and selected according to the with European directives 97/23/CE (PED), 94/9/CE (ATEX), EN 4126-1, EN 12516, ASME B16.34, API 520, API 526 and certified/approved by I.S.P.E.S.L. and pascal (PED directive), ICIM (ATEX directive), RINA, Germanischer Lloyd and Bureau Veritas (marine field), GOST-R F SETAN (Russian market).

On request, BESA offers at its headquarter complete assistance to carry out tests witnessed by main notified bodies (I.S.P.E.S.L., RINA – GL – LR – TUV – BV – DNV – AB etc.).

Founded in 1946 by Eng. Antonio Santangelo, BESA has consolidated its presence on the national market and fixed basis for the foreign market activity development.

Always leaned towards improvement and to guarantee customers satisfaction, BESA is costantly carrying out investments to optimise its production, technical and commercial activities. Today the company proposes itself as a landmark, both regarding the production and development of its own traditional product, the “service” (through an after-sales scheduled maintenance program) and the commercialization of new products in order to meet a wide range of requirements.

Since August 2005, BESA has been moving to the new headquarter in Settala, just outside Milano.

Products by BESA

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Valvosider was formed in 1951 as a manufacturer of valves operating on oil & gas, petrochemical and chemical industries as well as on power-stations plants.

After more than 50 years of continuous growth, Valvosider has became a «VALVE MANUFACTURER» of international reputation.

Valvosider S.r.l. is committed to providing its clients with a product which conforms in every respect both to the requirements of the contract and the client’s needs at a fair cost, within the contractual delivery time, with the highest possible safety standards, while at the same time protecting the well-being of the natural environment and the community where the materials are being produced.

To accomplish this the General Management has set up a Quality System which operates in conformity with ISO 9001 standards.

  • Main location in Borgosesia town, Italy.
  • Second location in Borgosesia loc. Baraggione Storage, gamma-ray bunker for radiographic tests.

This system has been designed in such a way so that it may be modified and improved at any stage of the production cycle, whilst also ensuring the professional and technical development of our staff.

The Managing Director has the ultimate responsibility for the development and implementation of the Quality System.

This responsibility has been delegated to the Quality Manager, who has full authority and autonomy to develop and maintain the Quality System.

The Managing Director requires that all members of the company comply with the procedures laid down in the Quality System Manual.

All management levels are responsible for ensuring that the requirements of the Quality System Manual are both understood and observed.

All employees engaged in the manufacture of goods in Valvosider’s name are responsible for producing a quality product that meets the client’s specified requirements.

Products by VALVOSIDER S.R.L.

  • Gate, Globe, Check Valves & Strainers
    In: Valves
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Douglas Chero was established in 1974 to meet the demand for high quality forged valves in the petroleum refining and production plants, offshore oil and gas fields, power industry, fertilizer, chemical and desalination plants all over the world.

Production capacity soured from 3,000 pieces in 1974 to current 40,000 pieces per month in their new factory with modern state of the art machining facilities and manufacturing technology.

The factory is 25,000 sq.m. (278,000 sq.ft.) of which 9,000 sq.m. (100,000 sq.ft.) are covered.


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Habonim – Dedicated Solutions for the Industry

Habonim is a leading manufacturer of ball valves and pneumatic actuators.

With over 50 years’ experience, the company enjoys a worldwide reputation for its high quality, innovation and engineering expertise, and offers the industry’s best customized services. Habonim supplies a wide range of 3-piece and flanged ball valves, as well as tailor-made solutions, generating significant cost and space savings for its customers.

All Habonim products meet international standards and are engineered to work safely and efficiently in a variety of applications.


Performance and Reliability

In industries where performance, quality and reliability are essential, Habonim valves and actuators are a secure choice. Each valve and actuator is manufactured to strict technical specifications, which guarantee customer satisfaction. Habonim is committed to the highest degree of quality control. Each of its suppliers are audited and certified before receiving a quality approval. All Habonim valves and actuators are 100% tested before dispatch.

 Advanced Design and Flexibility

Research, development and continuous technological advances ensure that Habonim stays at the forefront of the process industry. Habonim’s expertise in valve design means that the company can supply not only standard valves & actuators, but also complex, and diverse custom-designed package solutions, for industries such as: LNG, Petrochemical, Chemical & Pharmaceutical. With continuing enhancement of current valve designs of current valve designs, together with the development of new products, Habonim offers the highest degree of sophisticated products that meet customer requirements.

Product Availability

With dedication to customer requirements, Habonim’s flexible inventory management ensures worldwide supply of high quality products at short lead times. The highly efficient and modern production facilities are ideally suited to manufacture products to fill customer needs, rather than to fill inventories.

Products by HABONIM

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In August 2005, international aerospace, defense and electronics group Meggitt PLC acquired UK-based Avery-Hardoll. Its fuelling capabilities were merged with those of sister Meggitt group company Whittaker Controls in California and, under the management of Whittaker Controls, became Meggitt Fuelling Products.

With highly experienced sales, marketing and technical personnel located in the US, the UK and Asia, this combined operation is now a world leader in the development, production and installation of a wide array of ground fuelling products and services.


Avery-Hardoll products and services can be traced as far back as 1932. Since then, it has expanded into the design and production of bulk meters, couplings, valves and associated fluid management products and services. While its market share is largely concentrated in Europe, its name is well-known throughout the world.

The company’s extensive line of products includes products for oil and gas, civil and military use.


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Since its foundation in 1967, FAS (Fabbrica Apparecchiature Antincendio) has always encouraged innovation and has welcomed new opportunities to make its fire fighting systems and equipment more reliable by personalizing its products to suit a variety of specific requirements.

FAS has been manufacturing its own fire fighting equipment and systems for over forty years. All the phases of production starting from the initial project to the buying of the raw materials used in the manufacturing process right through to the testing of the final product are done on FAS premises.

This long tradition in the fire fighting field has allowed FAS to gain an important position in the national and international fire fighting markets, as having complete control of all the phases of production has made it more flexible to adapt its products to suit the needs of its customers who range from companies working in the petrochemical, oil processing and gas processing fields.

It can also boast customers involved in the power generation industries, those who work in off-shore installation as well as industrial sectors of low, medium and high risk levels.

The capacity FAS has to constantly renew its activities has put it in a competitive position as regards the quality of its products and services. All the phases of production are carried out within the company from the initial stages of research to the project phase, to the choice of materials, right through to the manufacturing phase, adapting and diversifying every system to its specific sector of application and customers’ needs.

Thanks to this precise orientation the FAS team, works with an attentive eye on the manufacturing processes, sector analyses, production phases and safety regulations in the workplace.

The experience and knowledge gained over the years in the various sectors of planning and production are the starting point not only for detecting critical points that if not found and corrected could lead to negative consequences but also for making personalized fire fighting systems to extinguish fires in work places.



Products by FAS S.P.A.

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For over forty years the NUOVA MA.NA.RO. brand stands for quality and reliability in the field of commercial vehicles and special equipment.

Nowdays, more and more customers choose the quality and technology of the NUOVA MA.NA.RO. products.

The extraordinary success in all markets, domestic and international, is the  recognition for the commitment of the company which, as a leader in its field, accepts challenges and comparisons in terms of technology, quality, reliability and service.

Having as main objective the achievement of «customer satisfaction»,  NUOVA MA.NA.RO. continually renews and enriches its product range.

Products by NUOVA MA.NA.RO.

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OPTIGUIDE controls the thin line between humidity and wetness.

Located in Yokneam Illit in Israel’s Galilee Region, Optiguide is a hi-tech start-up company that began operations in 1997 under the auspices of the Technion Institute of Technology. Optiguide today employs a staff of 17, including research and development, manufacturing, and marketing professionals, with representatives in Europe, North and South America and China.

Optiguide is owned by private investors (90%) and company founders (10%). The company’s development and manufacturing facilities are certified according to ISO 9001, to meet the highest levels of quality control.


Products by OPTIGUIDE

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iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ provides an unrivalled product range that includes metal bodied pigs / scrapers, foam pigs, spheres, weld testers, monitoring equipment as well as launching and receiving hardware. They are world leaders in the design and manufacture of pigging products, pipeline pigging equipment and pigging components.

Based in North Yorkshire, iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ operates in oil, gas, petrochemical and water industries. With manufacturing facilities equipped to produce high quality machined parts as well as polyurethane pigs, iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ is able to produce customised and standard products as required.

As a company, iNPIPE PRODUCTS’ ™ prides itself on innovation and quality. Investment into research and design has resulted in the company producing and patenting products that are now regarded as an industry norm. Without exception, the products and service are of the highest quality.

iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ offers the latest in cutting edge technology, with design and manufacturing capabilities in-house. With turning and forming machinery for the production of high quality machined parts, iNPIPE PRODUCTS’™ facilities allow for the manufacture and production of both standard and customised products. iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ places emphasis on providing client-led solutions and offering a full advisory service.

Products by iNPIPE PRODUCTS™ (I.P.P.)

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TE.MA VASCONI is a big Company that with its instrumentation is able to follow ever changing’s demand of the millennium.


We commit providing our customers’ complete satisfaction, excellent service through our highly qualified employee and the quality of our products. efforts are concentrated supplying high qualified process instrumentation and the most professional service available on the world markets.

COMMITTED grants that every single instrument is carried out with the highest professional level. Customers’ behavior it is of paramount importance: most advanced equipments and technologies and our full dedication are the keys of our success concerning the production of gauges.


RELIABLE’s structure established by Mr. Angelo Vasconi in 1954 is the basis of five decades of research granting excellent quality in every single products delivered. As industry leader, our “firsts” lead with breakthrough new product features and value added benefits for customers.

INNOVATIVE has the pride to be the Company chosen by the global market leaders. It is our intention to continue developing our products and structure to be always updated, facing all future challenges.

Products by TE.MA VASCONI

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Worldwide markets include various industrial sectors such as automotive, polyurethane, steel, food, chemical and petroleum as well pharmaceutical industries. The companies in these sectors employ the KEM flow meters on their test benches, filling lines, batching and paint-spraying systems.

More than 40 years of experience in flow metering equipment combined with innovative and customised product development enable KEM Küppers to be your competent partner for various matters of flow measurement.

KEM provides 6 measuring principles such as:

Coriolis Mass Flow Meters

  • Turbine Flow Meters
  • Micro Flow Meters
  • Helical Flow Meters
  • Gear Flow Meters
  • Thermal Mass Meters
  • Turbidity Meters

Products by KEM

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As a family owned and operated company since 1950, Murray Equipment, Inc. has developed into one of the premier supplier and manufacturing companies of industrial, petroleum and agricultural fluid handling systems.

In 1995, the company expanded its line of company manufactured products by creating a division named Total Control Systems, whose sole purpose and commitment was to develop and manufacture precision positive displacement flow meters to help our customers achieve their goals and meet the changing fluid handling needs in the marketplace.

Their reputation for providing innovative, quality and reliable fluid handling products is coupled with their sense of customer driven services. Their first priority is to help their customers achieve increased productivity and provide value to your business today and tomorrow.

All of Total Control Systems metering products are manufactured in the United States of America.


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VAF Instruments is the most preferred supplier of the top 100 shipyards and market leader in maritime measurement systems today. They continuously strive to improve their products and service in order to serve their clients better.

For one, VAF Instruments offers her customers the best, longest and most comprehensive guarantee in the maritime industry. Secondly, with a global service organisation, VAF Instruments offers a unique level of customer service. When you look for reliability and service, VAF Instruments is the logical choice.

Who is VAF Instruments?

VAF Instruments is the leading specialist for the development, manufacturing and world-wide sales of measurement and control systems. They supply both the marine and process industry.

What products and services does VAF Instruments offer?

VAF Instruments offers measurement and control systems for the marine and process industry.

Which customers do they serve?

Their instruments are used in a diversity of situations and by a variety of companies. Over 70% of the top 100 shipyards worldwide  are VAF’s clients. With most of them they have long established relationships.

Why choose VAF?

VAF Instruments is focused on your success. Their processes and the way they do things are designed around five guiding principles. These five principles define how they want to make a difference for you and who they are as a company.

These guiding principles are:

1. Customer Focussed Mentality

2. Personal and Tailored Approach

3. Quality Driven Organisation

4. Service-Around-The-Globe

5. Future Proof Products



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The foundation stone More than 40 years ago KSR Kuebler AG began to make a worldwide reputation in the field of «Level measuring technology on the Archimedes principle» (floats).

The foundation stone for the successful development of the whole KUEBLER group was laid at Zwingenberg a. Neckar in 1962 by Dipl. Ing. Heinrich Kübler. Thanks to the quick success of the then completely new type of magnetic switch, the company was able to expand beyond the borders of Germany by the early Seventies. In 1973 the second manufacturing site was founded in Cernay with KUBLER France S.A. Today it is the third generation that is developing tailor-made solutions, in teamwork with 200 colleagues in Europe, America and Asia – made to measure engineering solutions for a niche market.

Joint-stock company Since the conversion of the parent company into a joint-stock company in 1996 there is a possibility to participate by the purchase of ordinary shares. Success Today throughout the world KSR Kuebler AG is regarded as the epitome of outstanding technical performance and the highest quality, of efficiency and growth. Oil and gas, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, machinery and plant construction dominate our day-to-day business. The success of the KUEBLER group has only been possible due to the continuous development of the product range.

The first magnetic switch, which was used in lifts and automation engineering, was followed in 1965 by the magnetic float switch – a product that revolutionised the level control market. This was followed in 1974 by the development of the level sensors. Other important product developments are bypass level indicators and flow monitors.

Major focal points Today KSR Kuebler manufactures a wide range of level measuring and regulation devices for temperatures up to 4500 C or pressure ranges up to 400 bar. KSR developments are individual, made-to-measure solutions for very different applications in chemicals and pharmaceuticals and the oil and gas sector, in ship building, machinery and plant construction, in the foodstuffs industry, water treatment and environmental engineering. The latest production techniques, uncompromising quality management and a large number of national and international approvals are prerequisites both for top quality and the good name of the company.

In order to strengthen their activities as an established supplier of level measuring instruments, PHONIX  has merged by 1/1/2012 with their parent company KSR KUEBLER.


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The company FAS, Flüssiggas-Anlagen GmbH Salzgitter, Germany, was established in 1975 as commercial enterproce for LPG equipment (propane/butane).

At the end of the 70s the safety idea gained more and more acceptance for custormers and users. Due to the legal rules and regulations FAS extended the product range safety engineering and included a large number of further valves, fittings and equipment (like pumps and skid mounted solutions) into the the delivery program in order to comply with the increased requirements in safety engineering of gas producers, suppliers and distributors.

FAS possesses of modern and large-scale production facilities with a service workshop and is able to porduce all innovatice FAS-products in highest possible quality and in a reliable manner under observation of the delivery dates.

The products developed by FAS are manufactured on most modern machines by highly qualified and efficient experts and are subject to a very extensive quality securing system.

Due to the far-sighted and successful company politics FAS purposefully deveöoped to one of the most competitive and efficient suppliers of LPG fittings and equipment for road tankers and stationary installations within Europe.

The company may fall back upon one of the best assorted and largest stock of equipments of any kind destined for all industrial LPG applications within Europe. With more than 10.000 of different articles on stock, FAS has one of the widest assortments of this branch world-wide.

In the meantime FAS is represented on almost all important markets within Europe by its own branches, bye local sales consultants or agencies.

It is the company’s permanent endeavour to develop its products and to keep the high-quality standard so that they will be able to achieve to competitive advantage together with its custormers also in future.


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Water is the most commonly used natural resource in industry today and is essential in optimizing food production in an increasingly populous world. As the world’s supply of clean water diminishes, Arkal is experiencing accelerated growth. Since clean water ensures quality-of-life, ARKAL’s vision is to facilitate this trend through dedicated professionalism.

ARKAL’s main product lines include unique patented automatic Spin Klin filtration technology, manual disc filters and systems, automatic and semi-automatic screen filters, media filters and integrated water-treatment solutions.

Leading product applications include filtration and water treatment, micro-irrigation and membrane protection, wastewater and potable water treatment, cooling systems for industrial manufacturing process water and seawater filtration.

ARKAL’s filtration and integrated water treatment systems provide worldwide solutions in agricultural/landscape, industrial, municipal and commercial markets.

ARKAL’s team

Arkal’s dedicated research and development team, sales and product engineers, and expert support personnel use creativity and vision to design, market and service Arkal installations worldwide.

ARKAL promotes in-house and on-location training seminars to introduce Arkal disc filtration technology and filtration systems to our international marketing, distributor and service partners. The company’s professionals, specialists in their respective fields, provide knowledge and solutions, convey technological updates, and develop and implement localized marketing plans.

 Dynamic clean-water technology solutions

ARKAL’s design and development plans encompass comprehensive clean-water solutions in accordance with customer requirements. Their technological leverage is based on the dynamic nature and use of the world’s water supply.

ARKAL constantly identifies and targets existing and emerging markets and applications to successfully implement its products and integrated system solutions.

ARKAL water filtration solutions have been successfully applied in over 90% of the world’s agricultural/landscape micro-irrigation markets and:

  •  Afford effective treatment of surface and seawater containing high quantities of biological materials
  • Implement patented automatic Spin Klin filter technology, providing precise filtration from 400 to 20 microns
  • Facilitate effective water conservation
  • Prevent system failures and downtime in manufacturing, water treatment and irrigation systems
  • Enable high quality pre-filtration solutions for MF, UF and RO membranes

 ARKAL’s water treatment solutions:

  •  Provide integrated solutions in a variety of applications: potable water systems, tertiary wastewater systems, industrial and commercial systems, RO systems
  • Remove iron, manganese and sulfides using advanced media
  • Disinfect and oxidize using UV, ozone and chlorination

ARKAL’s dynamic solutions incorporate polymeric systems that feature modularity and flexibility. Arkal’s long lifecycle, anti-corrosive products are produced from a wide range of superior materials, which are engineered and tested in-house to endure harsh conditions and meet British, French, American and other local certification standards, in addition to ISO 9001.

 Future benefits now

Innovative filtration and water-treatment improvements and upgrades are a constant on the Arkal solution-development agenda.

With over 30 years of technical expertise in providing engineered solutions, the company’s proven technological solutions feature present and future customer benefits.

 Arkal installations:

  •  Afford cost-effective operation due to improved process performance and extended equipment lifetime, with minimal maintenance requirements
  • Optimize existing installations with modular add-on options
  • Increase filtration efficiency: filtration range of 400 to 20 micron
  • Facilitate reduction in wastewater volume and provide continuous filtration, even during backwash cycles
  • Conserve space requirements


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Filtomat is a company that belongs to the Amiad Group and is involved with high-end filtration systems.

Products by FILTOMAT

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Metering &Technology SAS, a new major player has joined the Liquid Hydrocarbon metering market.

Founded early 2007 south west of Paris by very enthusiastic members, all of them benefiting from long and fruitful experience in fiscal metering business with advanced technologies,

Metering & Technology is now in position to provide the market with high end flow meters dedicated to liquid Hydrocarbon fiscal measurement.

M&T has developed a liquid flow meter range that covers pipeline measurement, terminal loading and unloading facilities, offshore allocation metering & many others . Their  flow meters are available from 3″ up to more than 24″ upon technology type with flow ranges from 15 to more than 4000 m3/hr.

Two technologies are totally mastered by their technical team: the first one is a turbine meter with special helical rotor type. The excellent performance of this type of meters is now recognized over the world.

The second one is based on ultrasonic transit time principle. This is the most advanced technology for flow measurement today, with a lot of expectation from end users, that they commit to meet, thanks to their unique design allowing fast scanning rate and real flow profile compensation for simple applications to heavy oil challenging ones.

Products by M&T SAS

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Auramarine is the market leader in auxiliary unit production with over three decades of experience.

They specialise in delivering fuel supply systems and other auxiliary units to customers whose requirements concerning work quality are the same as theirs: top of the world.

The market leader is a reliable partner also as a product supplier. They keep to the promised delivery times and an experienced manufacturer is an excellent help also during the installation stage.

They have plenty of experience in the use of the products, and similar installations can be found all over the world. Their clients are never alone in new situations: they offer their installation and maintenance expertise.

Products by AURAMARINE

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The history of FAFNIR began in Hamburg in 1965. The Sagers, a family of entrepreneurs, founded a company specialising in the development and production of fill level systems.

The first FAFNIR product was an oil burner. It was followed by a safety device which prevented the overfilling of tanks and process containers and proved to be signpost pointing the way to the future.

What began at that time as a regionally operating business has turned into an internationally recognised midsize company of global orientation.

Today, the name FAFNIR stands worldwide for highest precision in the sector of level measurements for the oil, pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries.

Absolute orientation to the customer is the fundamental principle of FAFNIR’s philosophy. Customers and partners benefit from FAFNIR’s extensive experience at every phase of cooperation. Working together, FAFNIR is able to set extraordinarily high standards and intend to continue to do so on a global scale.


FAFNIR offers you solutions tailored on the basis of flexible and goal-oriented development. We regularly conduct training programs for our customers as a means of maintaining and building on our high level. Adaptations in response to the requirements specific to a certain market are implemented quickly and efficiently. The FAFNIR sales team stands by our customers and partners at all times, supporting them with competence and advice.

Products by FAFNIR GmbH

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Scully Signal Company is an engineering and manufacturing company established in 1936. With customers like BP, Exxon/Mobil, Delta Airlines, and Union Pacific, Scully is a brand name in the transport and storage of petroleum and liquid chemicals.

Scully’s core systems include, but are not limited to, overfill prevention, retained product monitoring, vehicle grounding, level alert notification, and vehicle to terminal communications.

Other related and more recent inventions/offerings include remote fuel site communications, delivery equipment, tank gauging, transfer line and hose connections, and automated fueling systems.

In addition to its headquarters in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Scully is represented in sixty countries.

Scully is certified to ISO 9001, a model for quality assurance for companies involved in the design, development, production, installation and servicing of products.


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General Monitors is recognized as a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of high tech gas monitoring and flame detection instrumentation.

Since October 2010, General Monitors and MSA began one company, establishing a new leader in the Gas and Flame detection technology around the world.

By adhering to corporate philosophies of integrity, faith in people and creative solutions, they have achieved a well-deserved reputation for providing quality products and services that protect lives and property. Emphasis placed on this goal has led to substantial investments in research, a continuing focus on technology and engineering excellence, and a personal dedication to quality at every level of operation.

Placing these values above profit may seem unusual in today’s business world. However, the fact is that high regard for business ethics has rewarded General Monitors with the leadership they enjoy today in the gas monitoring and flame detection fields. In order to ensure they pursue these values, they remain a privately held entity owned by key company executives and in control of their destiny.

General Monitors was formed in El Segundo, California in 1961 by four aerospace engineers dedicated to providing hydrogen gas monitoring safety equipment for the United States space exploration program. This concern for protecting life in the workplace evolved into a corporate commitment to provide gas and flame detection instrumentation throughout the world’s energy related industries.

Over the years, General Monitors has prospered and earned a worldwide reputation as a leader in high quality, innovative gas monitoring and flame detection products. Two corporate commitments have been instrumental in the company’s  success. First, a commitment to technical innovation and product excellence; and second, a commitment to employees, to provide an unequaled work environment in which they can perform their job and to offer them an opportunity for personal and professional growth.

It is widely recognized that their significant investment in research has raised the technical standards within their industry. The engineering and product design departments work to develop leading edge designs to meet customer demands. New scientific knowledge and application techniques – developed within the company as well as in the larger scientific community – are continually reviewed and analyzed. This never-ending search for better ideas has helped General Monitors constantly up-date their product line over the years.

A commitment from all of our personnel is to ensure that every product leaving General Monitors has our high quality standards built into it. Thus, every instrument that comes off the manufacturing line receives 100% electrical, mechanical, physical inspection, and elevated temperature testing.

Currently, General Monitors’ products are manufactured in the United States and Ireland. We also maintain a growing network of sales offices and manufacturer’s representatives worldwide. Backing up this worldwide sales team is an after-sale service, repair, and spare parts system that collectively earns us the reputation as the leader in the gas monitoring and flame detection fields. To support our customers worldwide, we have offices in Houston, Texas; Macclesfield, England; Galway, Ireland; Ballerup, Denmark; Singapore, and the United Arab Emirates, in addition to our corporate office in Lake Forest, California.

Celebrating 50 years in business, General Monitors stands committed to protect life and property with advanced technology, highly reliable detectors, and superior customer service.


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