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CROSS Technical Services was founded in 1989 in Piraeus, aiming to provide trustworthy, turnkey technical solutions to the Greek Shipping Industry

Reliable engineering and environmental solutions.

Covering a wide range of high quality equipment and systems, CROSS has become one of the leading technical solution providers worldwide for both existing ships and new buildings.

Since its establishment, CROSS has provided services to almost every shipping company in Greece and many worldwide. From providing spare parts and equipment, up to installing and commissioning complete and complex automation solutions, CROSS today has a strong presence in the maritime industry.

The company’s long-standing commitment to continual improvement through technological innovation and eco-friendly solutions, has led to new fields of commercial environmental activity such as Ship Efficiency & Energy Management, Fuel Consumption Measurement, Reduction of Ship’s Emissions, Oil Discharge Monitoring and more.

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Experience to engage in special projects.

In 1995, the company entered the industrial sector, providing reliable engineering solutions in the oil and gas applications industry (in-line Blending, Gantry automation – Truck / rail / ship loading, etc) and since then it has expanded its business activities in other similar sectors such as industrial fire protection, water treatment and more.

Based on expertise that comes from years of hands-on experience, CROSS has developed state-of-the-art skid mounted comprehensive system solutions for a range of fuel and fire protection management needs in ex-proof areas, onboard ships, oil refineries and storage depots, industrial complexes, etc.

Having worked for many years with all major Greek oil & gas companies and refineries, CROSS has the necessary experience to engage in special projects that can provide valuable engineering and automation solutions.

In order to reach the company’s goals, CROSS’ personnel consists of highly specialized professionals, mainly engineers that can ensure the successful management of the projects undertaken and strengthen the company’s reliability and integrity.

Providing simply reliable solutions worldwide.

Equally important, the company’s persistence for extroversion has led to increasingly growing presence in other countries of the European Union, North Africa and Middle East countries. CROSS has managed to deliver outstanding solutions to major clients abroad, confirming the company’s top level technical background in a very competitive international environment.

Last but most important, the company’s main challenge remains the same to this day: providing simply reliable solutions and meeting the requirements of even its most demanding customers.