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Oil & Gas
Additives Injection Systems for Oil Storage Depots using Honeywell Enraf MSC-A
Job Description
  • Upgrade of existing Honeywell Enraf (Contrec) Load Computers type 1010-4 with Honeywell Enraf MSC-A Additive injection system.
  • The system comprises of pumping skid, MBIII injectors and MSC-A additive injection controller which can control up to 6+6 additive lines. Each line is independently controlled with separate product inputs and alarm outputs.
  • System was installed and commissioned successfully by Cross.
Additive Injection Pump Skid
Additive Injection Pump Skid
Additive Injection Skid-Mounted Controller
Additive Injection Skid-Mounted Controller connected to the existing 1010D Loading Controller
Additive injectors_ block
Additive Injectors