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Oil & Gas
HFO & MDO Truck and Ship Loading Systems in Oil Storage Depot
Job Description
  • System was designed and constructed for HFO delivery to Road Tankers (Bottom Loading) and MDO to Fuel Oil Supply Tankers.
  • Skid mounting and pre-commissioning of the Load Computers at CROSS’ workshop.
  • Delivery of Honeywell Enraf MSC-L Load Computers and peripherals (VAF J5080 Flowmeters and Bermad Digital Control Valves type AF 718)
  • System was installed, with all needed modifications to the electrical panels, to connect the MSC-L to the pump station.
  • Installation of Cross Software Solutions’ software package for Truck Loading and Inflows-Outflows systems, in the control room PC and interconnection of bays controllers.
  • Commissioning of the system.
Skid-Mounted MSC-L with Control Box
Metering Block
Pneumatically Actuated Control Valve for HFO
Skid-Mounted MSC-L for Ship Loading
Metering Block for Ship Loading
Connection to Electrical Panel