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ODME Oilcon Mk5/Mk6M Retrofitting onboard tanker vessel while sailing
Job Description
  • ODME and installation materials were prepared and delivered onboard.
  • Existing VAF ODME type Oilcon Mk5 was dismantled and replaced by ODME type Oilcon Mk6M.
  • Existing piping arrangement was used with modifications, as needed.
  • System was interconnected, tested, commissioned and vessel’s crew was trained.
  • Ship’s specific ODME manual was prepared and submitted to vessel’s Class for approval, as per IMO MEPC 108(49) & 240(65).
ODME testing on MCU MK6M Touch Screen
MCU MK6M panel mounted
EPU MK6M with sample pump _ starter box - Engine Room view
Measuring cell on skid - Pump Room view