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Fire Fighting & Detection
Qatar Project for Skid Mounted Deluge Valves
Job Description
  • Skid-mounted electro-pneumatic pressure control, On-Off Deluge valves (model FP400E & FS400E) were used for upgrading of fire water system in Qatar.
  • Skid mounted solution packages, suitable for sea water and foam concentrate, were built by local contractors in Qatar according to CROSS-BERMAD’s specifications and delivered ready for installation.
  • The heart of the system is a combination Deluge Valve, UL Listed, electro-pneumatically remote controlled elastomeric globe type with a rolling diaphragm and pressure control function. It has an unobstructed flow path, with no stem guide or supporting ribs.
  • System was commissioned by CROSS in Qatar.
FF skid ready for FAT
Side view of skid with panel
Side view of skid with panel