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Revamping of Top Loading Arms for Refuelers
Job Description
  • Design of all necessary modifications andTLAs was carried out in cooperation with Silea.
  • New Silea TLA Series 1101 were designed and built according to 97/23/CE Directive (PED) and 94/9/CE Directive (ATEX) complying to API/ASTM/ANSI/TTMA standardization norms, allowingvariable reach with arm inclination in the horizontal axis of 55o – 60o upwards and 20o – 30o
  • Supply of the equipment in full was completed.
  • Existing outdated TLAs were replaced by CROSS with the new Silea TLA Series 1101, meeting the requirements of the airport base to load aviation fuels (JP8 and AVGAS) to refuelers (Bausers) from the top.
  • New TLAs were commissioned and delivered in operation to the airbase authority.
Installed Silea Top Loading System for Refuellers
Installed Top Loading System for Refuellers
Refuelling with Silea TLA
Installed new Silea Top Loading System for Refuellers - Left